World's First Tree Analyzer

Tree Analyzer Features

  • Alignment
  • What is PointShape™ Tree Analyzer?
    The “PointShape Tree Analyzer” is developed in Korea on our tested and tried platform facilitates the users to create systematic dimensional information of trees from high density LiDAR data.
  • Comparison
  • How do we measure?
    The most efficient and accurate method to create a viable database of trees is to obtain location-based precise LiDAR data. Based on our years of experience working with such data, we have developed proprietary algorithms to automatically segment and calculate dimensions of trees.
  • 2D, 3D Measurement
  • Report
    The users can export each tree information such as height, width, circumference at root, etc. in both PDF and Excel format.
  • Section Curve
  • Location of Trees
    We are the world's first technology to generate reports containing location information (latitude, longitude) of each tree automatically. It is expected to be spotlighted as a core technology that generates important data on efficient tree resource database and tree growth management.

PointShape Tree Analyzer

PointShape™ Tree Analyzer Overview Video