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PointShape Surveyor is a comprehensive verification automation software for surveying application. With this feature-rich software, users can easily import various formats as well as processingalignment between reference data and scan data, CAD or scan data comparisons, auxiliary geometry creation, measurement between features, analyzing report, etc.

PointShape Surveyor
01 Registration: Manual, Best Fit, Automatic
02 Mesh Creation: 2.5D Triangulation,  Mesh Export
03 Deviation: Whole Deviation, Section Deviation, Point Deviation
04 Native CAD Format Support: Siemens NX, Catia V5, Pro Engineer, Solid Works, Solid Edge, 3D Studio 3ds, Autodesk DXF, Parasolid, IGES, STEP….. etc.
05 CAD to Mesh: Mesh Tessellation, Mesh Optimization, Mesh Fix's
06 Measurement:  Distance, Angle, Radius, Calculate Area, Calculate Volume
07 Auxiliary Geometry: Point, Line, Circle, Plane, Cylinder, Sphere, Cone
08 Reporting: PDF Creation

Direct Import Native CAD Models

Direct Import Native CAD Models




igs(iges) Parasolid stp(step) obj dxf ply
stl sat las ptx 3dxml pts
txt Jt pcd e57 asc vda
xyz etc        

Inspection Workflows

Inspection Workflows


Depending on data types or conditions, users can choose different alignment tool such as Manual, Automatically or Selection Alignment.

Mesh Optimization

Inspection Workflows



Whole Deviation

PointShape Surveyor supports Nearest Point type deviation by calculating nearest points between two data, and Nearest Point Along Normal type deviation by searching nearest points using each polygon data’s normal direction.

Section Deviation

Point(Grid) Deviation



User can freely measure two different data’s Volume, Area and Angle by simply select desire area from data for mass-calculation.

Over- / Underbreak Volume

Calculating function of massive data for eroded / sediment area is one of the most effective features of PointShape Surveyor. It’s also capable of calculating difference values for large area of slope and terrain.This unique feature allows all users to simply calculate detail differences among large data in real-time for Monitoring purpose.


Report & Screen Shot function supports publishing complete documentations of inspection results by PDF file format. It enables to use preview function and export report by selecting feature’s type as well as capable of inserting images by using screenshot function.