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Full Auto Pipe Extraction (One Click Only)

This powerful tool enables to automatically extract every pipe models from pipe point clouds by simply click on the  menu button.
It’s fast, simple, easy and precise.

Object Extraction (Plant Modeling)

Most common objects in Plant application are composed of standard shapes of cylinders, cones, plane, and spheres.PointShape™ offers powerful fitting algorithms that can extrat more accurate plant objects from scan data.

Road Line extraction

This feature offers functions to extract ground topography.The accurately extracted road surface from large scan data contains a grade information.This feature is useful to simplify large scan data to extract detail road information.

Road Edge Line Extraction

The Road Edge modeling feature uses the complete fittingalgorithms to accurately extract lines and B-Spline from curb stone.Simply select the area where you wish to extract the edge of road.PointShape™ fitting algorithms will do to job automatically.

Reflectance Value Base Automatic Line Extraction

Laser scan data contains its own reflectance values.PointShape™’s powerful extraction technology offers new algorithms that can analyse the differences of reflectance values from laser scan data to extract lane, centerline, crosswalk and road sign.This feature can be done by [semi-] automatic calculation to save tons of time and costs.

Create TIN Model

This feature makes creating mesh model of your road scan data so much easier than ever.Simply select area where you wish to create TIN model from your scan data, PointShape™ will automatically complete the job and also extracts information of Point, Line and Mesh.

Feature Extraction

One of the most fascinating features of PointShape Pro is automatically extracting traffic line, edge of kerb, power line, and railroad by using an auto fitting algorithm and reflectance value from LiDAR data.
Experience this powerful time saving feature to improve your workflows.

2D Floor Plan Drawing

This feature saves tons of time when you simply need to draw floorplans on point clouds.You can simply draw lines roughly from a 2D top view, the complete automatic fitting algorithms will support you to extrat accurate lines, arcs, circles, interpolation curves, and complex lines.

Vertical Builbing Modeling

This feature is useful for creating 3D building models from point clouds.You only need to draw the outlines of building and define the height, you will get 3D building models instantly.It’s a fantastic feature for large size of city and building modeling.

Intelligent Point Cloud Viewing

The Point Cloud Viewing Tool supports you to simply and temporarily cut away parts of imported large point clouds, enabling you toview where you selected.Selected parts of point clouds can be managed by the Layer Manager, and it makes drawing 2D section on point clouds very simple.

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