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[News] PointShape Trial Version v1.1

Click here to download : PointShape v1.1 Trial Version
Installation Instructions
1. Run Setup.exe (please make sure MicroStation is closed)
  * Note : PointShape only can run with MicroStation V8i Select Series #3
2. Once the installation is finished, start MicroStation and click on the top menu for PointShape
3. That should open a PointShape registration dialog box.
4. Please send us the Registration ID which appears in the dialog box.
5. With a provided Registration ID, we will issue a License Key and send it by email.
6. Please input a provided License Key to a PointShape registration dialog box.
  * Note : please click “OK” button to finish. (not a “Register” button)
If you missed PointShape’s first trial version, simply click on below link to download the software.
Once we receive the Registration ID, we will immediately provide you for 30 days of License Key.
Please check out the video below for a look at the benefit of Building modeling and Road line extraction. 
Click here to check out the features of Building and Road modeling
Click here to check out the User Interface and Viewing features