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[News] “The First Edition the PointShape™ is now released!”
We are proud to introduce our First 3D Modeling Software, “PointShape™”!
To develop advanced powerful 3D modeling software, our company has cooperated with ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute which is one of the biggest research institutes in Korea, and this organization has many years of experience of researching and developing 3D modeling and inspection based on 3D scanned data.
PointShape™ is the 3D modeling software of Bentley’s MicroStation, and this powerful first edition software can easily and quickly allows you to extract Building features (walls, windows, doors, roofs and columns), Road, Pipe geometry in a pointcloud.
Moreover, we are planning to release more advanced PointShape of above mentioned features including Inspection application and automatic fitting features.
Please feel free to download the trial version from our website.