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With innovative advances in 3D scanning technology, engineers are now able to leverage 3D pointcloud data that exceeds traditional measurement methods. (e.g. CMM, etc.)

It's especially applied to industrial quality assurance by digitizing parts with 3D scanners and evaluating the deviation of the manufactured part with the nominal CAD data.

PointShape Inspector is designed to automatically capture and evaluate these deviations and provide the most accurate analysis of the parts.

It imports the raw data from all major CAD programs such as Siemens NX, CATIA V5, Pro/ENGINEER. And reduces time and cost with a simple workflow, user friendly interface and precise calculations.

  • Precise Quality
    Management Process

  • CAD program

    (Siemens NX, CATIA V5, Pro/ENGINEER)
  • Export Quality
    Management Report

Direct Import Native CAD Models

Key Features

Initial, Manual, Automatic, Selection, RPS, Datum, 3-2-1 Alignment
Mesh Creation
2.5D Triangulation, Mesh Export
Whole Deviation, Section Deviation, Point Deviation
Native CAD
Format Support
Siemens NX, Catia V5, Pro Engineer, Solid Works,
Solid Edge, 3D Studio 3ds, Autodesk DXF, Parasolid, IGES, STEP, etc.
CAD to Mesh
Mesh Tessellation, Mesh Optimization, Mesh Fix's
Distance, Angle, Radius
Auxiliary Geometry
Point, Line, Circle, Plane, Cylinder, Sphere, Cone
PDF Creation

Inspection Workflows

Best Fit (Scan to CAD)

Initial Alignment

It is a one-click tool for aligning the Scan data to CAD that share common directions.
It can be considered as a preparatory step for a best fit.

Manual Alignment

It is a simple alignment type by selecting 3 corresponding points on each data.

Automatic Alignment

This is a final step to get the most precise alignment.

RPS Alignment

This tool aligns the data based on the circle center points extracted from the CAD.
It supports effective alignment for free curved surface models.

Users can extract circle in CAD data by simply clicking on a circle boundary.
Once the circle in CAD (blue circle) data is selected, the corresponding circle on scan data (red circle) will be automatically created.

DATUM Alignment

This tool helps to align the data based on the plane surfaces selected on a CAD.
When user selects the surfaces, software will automatically recognize corresponding planes on a scan data and align the scan to CAD based on selected planes

3-2-1 Alignment

This tool allows users to align the data by using CAD elements as references.
Alignment will be performed by picking the right elements on the CAD.


Whole Comparison

This tool shows the deviated parts of the whole object with a single click.
By picking any points user can check the exact variance.

Section Comparison

It allows to check more in-depth results by creating multi sections on the object.

Point Comparison

The simplest tool for checking the deviation by picking desired points.

Reference Geometry Creation

It delivers wide range of tools that ensure simple and easy ways to create geometries on a scan data.


This software delivers a wide range of measurement tools that allow users to accomplish various tasks.

Distance, Angle, Radius Measurements
Distance between two entities
Distance between two points
Radius Measurement
Angle Measurement

Automatic Report

Comparison Table

Tools Functions PointShape Inspector Full PointShape Inspector SV
User Interface CAD Importing *.3dxml *.sat *.sab *.model
*.CATPart *.CADProduct *.dwg
*.igs *.iges *.ipt *.iam *.jt *.prt
*.x_t *.x_b *.prt *.asm *.par
*.psm *.sldprt *.sldasm *.stp
*.step *.vda *.stl
*.igs *.iges *.stp *.step *.stl
Scan Importing *.stl *.obj *.ply *.dxf *.pcd *.las
*.laz *.ptx *.e57 *.txt *.asc
*.neu *.xyz *.pts *.csv
*.stl *.ply *.txt *.asc *.neu
*.xyz *.pts *.csv
UI Guiding Tool
(GIF Help Videos)
Alignment Initial Alignment O O
Manual Alignment O O
Automatic Alignment O O
Selection Alignment O X
RPS Alignment O X
Datum Alignment O X
3-2-1 Alignment O O
Comparison Whole Comparison O O
Section Comparison O X
Point Comparison O XPre-selected points
can be compared
Intelligent Reference
Geometry Recognition
Creation of auxiliary
geometry using CAD
Point, Vector, Circle,
Plane, Polyline
Cylinder, Sphere, Cone O O
Measurements Distance O O
Angle O O
Radius O O
Report Automatic Report in PDF O O
and Functions
Coming Soon
Advancements and
Functions Coming Soon
3D PDF Reporting Tools
(by the end of 2017)
Advanced Reporting
(by the end of 2017)
2D dimensioning
(by the end of 2017)
Import and Support
Key Native MCAD
formats with PMI
(by the end of 2017)